Anthony Cumberbatch is an award winning Michelin trained Head Chef with over 28 years of international culinary experience. Whilst following a conventional path would have been a safer choice, Anthony decided to step out of his comfort zone as soon as he could and has been determined to elevating Caribbean cuisine to the next level.

Born in Dulwich, south London, Anthony’s curiosity towards new flavours and tastes was nurtured by his mother and by his grandparents. While growing up in Barbados, a cooking grandmother and an organic farmer grandfather, have allowed Anthony to develop a strong passion for cooking and a great respect for its origins and culture, elements that he incorporates soulfully in every dish he creates.

Coming back to England, Anthony improved his skills and his career skyrocketed as a chef at prestigious London restaurants. By the time he finished college, at 17 years old, he was working under chef Anton Edelmann as a commis chef at the Savoy Hotel. At Simpsons on the Strand, under chef Mr Sheriff, Anthony progressed to Chef de Partie.

One of Anthony’s main tutors was chef Antony Worral-Thompson, for whom he worked at his Palio Restaurant in London and who gave him his first Head Chef position back in 1996. Since then, Anthony has been sharing his expertise in several prominent restaurants in London. He has set up his own company AC LAB – a platform that allows the experiment and testing of new creations and flavours.



Excellence comes from the dare to create something new, and Anthony has achieved it with its fusion of tropical flavours and contemporary cuisine, merging French and Vietnamese cuisine with his strong Caribbean roots.


Bubbas – Veranda – Bamboo Grove (Chef & Proprietor) – Caribbean Scene – Acres – Rhythms – Red – Opium – Palio – Quaglinos – The Ivy – Dell’ Ugo – 2AA Rosette Cafe Fish – The Bonnington Hotel – Simpsons in the Strand (Savoy Group)


Anthony has featured in several publications and on “Caribbean food made easy”, a series created by BBC and catered for some well-known personalities such as George Clooney and Mick Jagger.

Anthony was 2 times winner of Best Caribbean Chef in the UK and won twice the prize for Best Caribbean Restaurant (Caribbean Food Emporium Awards).


Like a good meal, knowledge is better when shared. Anthony enjoys sharing his great passion with his guests and students, educating them about the cooking process and trying out different flavours and combinations, while discussing the main challenges he faces when preparing meals for different palates.


Collaboration is the key to creation, and great results come from a great service. At AC LAB we provide irreprehensible service for every occasion and excellence at all levels, always according to your time and budget. Our great industry experience and know-how, alongside with a constant aim towards improvement, guarantees an outstanding service bubbling with creativity and colour.

We are available for private chef and catering services for all type of events, from an exquisite dinner and a sumptuous wedding, to master classes and educational projects, brand awareness at festivals and tailored-made consultancy programs to help your food business grow.

Anthony and his team will surely take you on a delightful journey of flavours.