The Bantu Food & Drink Festival (BFDF) is a world-class event that celebrates the Bantu Heritage in different corners of the world. Angola, Barbados and Brazil, celebrated their Bantu culture in this colourful festival that took place in Fazenda Coruputuba, São Paulo on September 2016.

As one of the festival’s ambassadors, Anthony Cumberbatch was the chosen chef to represent the culinary of the beautiful island of Barbados. And what a pleasure it was to see the Caribbean soul come to life through the hands of our gifted chef! The festival was a cultural journey of flavours and rhythms, with a program that included exceptional food and drinks tasting, show cooking, workshops, anthropological seminars and many other activities.

Produced by Bantu Foundation in partnership with Rota de Liberdade, this great event introduced local talent chef Vitor Pompeu and chef Jorge da Hora from Senac S. Paulo, and international acclaimed chefs, such as chef Rui Sa from Angola and our own chef Anthony, whose fantastic fusions and commitment to the Barbados heritage, left the participants mouth-watering and curious to know more about our chef’s cuisine.

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